Christian Robert-Tissot



Christian Robert-Tissot tries to find a formal way of expressing certain words, everyday expressions, expressions of the people, family terms, slogans, words from the street that can be heard day in, day out and therefore hardly noticeable anymore.

Initially there was no hierarchy between the words and images in his works, but this changed. Language was given an increasingly important role. Christian Rober Tissot deals with the language and the words of the specific situations in order to equip them with different, changing meanings and to include everyday life in his works. He moves the words out of the context in which they are normally used and “hands them over” to us simply as they are; fluid, open and incomplete. He plays with words and short, resonant, visually striking expressions or sound effects such as “krak”, “crac”, “crack”, “craque”. The work of Christaian Robert Tissots is always anchored in art and art institutions, he is strongly interested in the cliché of the culture of the masses. The words are chosen according to the context in which a work is presented. His most recent works are variable; they absorb a situation while commenting on it at the same moment.




Born 1960 in Geneva, Switzerland
Lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland

Selected Solo Shows

"D. Marcel / C. Robert-Tissot", galerie lange + pult, Auvernier, Switzerland
“Level”, galerie lange + pult, Auvernier, Switzerland
“Christian Robert-Tissot”, Bernard Ceysson Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
“Frozen Yogurt around me”, Bernard Ceysson Gallery, Luxemburg, Luxemburg
“Reload”, galerie lange + pult, Zurich, Switzerland
“Christian Robert-Tissot”, Architeria, Ecole de dessin, Geneva, Switzerland
“Christian Robert-Tissot”, Bernard Ceysson Gallery, Geneva Switzerland
“No Copy Right” (with Zhu Hong), Interface, Dijon, France
“You’ll thank me later” (with Olivier Mosset), Laleh June Gallery, Basel, Switzerland