Justin Adian



As we take a closer look at the other works of Justin Adian, we’ll see that the unusual constructions in vivid colour palettes allow the boundaries between painting and sculpture to oscillate completely through ingenious abstract reliefs. His use of misleadingly soft shapes, made of foam cushions that are pressed into the wooden frame and then covered with a stretched canvas, end in abstract, crackling, almost ceramic planes, which reveal a certain tension and direction within their composition. In fact, the artist first composes, recomposes, constructs and deconstructs the forms on paper in order to form an overall picture of the structure in order to be able to assemble them freely and apply them to the canvases as coloured surfaces. The results are three-dimensional detached forms that become free-standing objects – the invisible space between the objects (reminiscent of Malevitsch’s work) can now tell its very own story, enhanced by titles such as “Trailing”, “Bell Catcher”, “Pinky Swear” or “Chicklit”.

Justin Adian was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1976. He graduated with a BFA from the University of North Texas in 2000 and an MFA from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of Art in 2003. Since the late



Born 1976 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Lives and works in New York, USA


Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of Art, MFA
University of North Texas, BFA

Selected Solo Shows

"New Works", galerie lange + pult, Zurich, Switzerland
"Carousel", Lowell Ryan Projects, Los Angeles, USA
"Justin Adian, Analogue", Loyal, Stockholm, Sweden
"Casual Encounters", Sean Horton Presents, Dallas, USA
"Justin Adian" (with Blair Thurman), galerie lange + pult, Zurich, Switzerland
"Justin Adian", Almine Rech Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
"Sun Tan", Half Gallery, New York, USA
"Waltz", Almine Rech Gallery, Paris, France
"Fort Worth", Skarstedt, Chelsea, New York, USA
"Strangers", Skarstedt, London, England
"Backlits", The National Exemplar Gallery, New York, USA