Toby Paterson: built color
29 August17 October 2009




Excerpt from a conversation with Sabine Schaschl

SSCH: You have been travelling through the eastern part of Europe lately and have visited former communist countries. When one looks closely at your latest wall installation at the Toby Webster Gallery, you can see a certain influence of eastern architecture. How have these trips influenced your work?

TP: These trips were a big influence on my work, both aesthetically speaking and in relation to my process. They really consolidated for me the enjoyable but, I suppose, somewhat quixotic practice of going out into an unfamiliar landscape and hunting for forms and situations of interest. The basic approach is always one of being open (-minded), of looking and responding. In that sense it’s inevitable that what I encountered during my wanderings in Central and Eastern Europe found its way into the work in terms of form and colour.

SSCH: When seeing the installation images of your latest show I had the impression that your work is becoming more painterly in a way. The walls are grey and you can clearly see a cloudy shade within the brush strokes. Is this a new development?

TP: I think I’m finally giving in to being