Alfredo Aceto
18 October16 November 2019




galerie lange + pult is pleased to present a new young positions in Zurich: Alfredo Aceto (*1991).

The raw material for the works of the artist Alfredo Aceto, as in Margnetti’s work, derives from everyday objects and industrial design. The work “Ambarabaciccicoccò” placed in the upper exhibition space is in dialogue between the works by Marta Margnetti. This piece, consisting of 27 vignettes, is of great value for Aceto’s work and was last exhibited at the Museo del Novecento in Milan in 2013.

Entering the lower exhibition floor of the gallery, the space seems to be populated by  grotesque creatures, which do not reveal their surprising material origin as a sewer pipe at first sight. Inspired by the grotesques of Gothic cathedrals, with sharp-edged fins and open mouth, the work “Gutter-Gargoyle I” and “Fin-Furniture I” are guarding the space. This is exactly where the magic of Aceto’s artistic practice seems to lie: removing objects from their original function and reviving them as grotesque figures. Elements such as the scattered popcorn serve him as a symbol and narrative means, which reinforces the narrative immanent to the manipulation of form. When creating his works, Alfredo Aceto starts his process based on