21 January12 March 2022




a proposition by christian herdeg


john m armleder, chryssa, waltraut cooper, sylvie fleury, bob gramsma, 

christian herdeg, mathieu mercier, olivier mosset, mai-thu perret, 

gina proenza, david renggli, keith sonnier, jan van munster



21 january – 12 march 2022


galerie lange + pult is pleased to present the group exhibition “licht”, conceived by Christian Herdeg, in our Zurich gallery spaces.

Herdeg has selected a series of artists whose distinctive formal language, shine a unique iconography.

Light shapes us. Like hardly any other medium, electric light has conquered our lives, taking over, and changing all areas of our everyday lives.

In the middle of the last century, electric light established itself as an art genre, which has been constantly evolving ever since.

In the exhibition “licht”, light art pioneers and younger representatives of the genre with works made of neon tubes, incandescent bulbs and black light transform the Galerie Lange + Pult into a luminous sea of color and illustrate the elemental attraction of the medium of light.

The works of Christian Herdeg and John Armleder oscillate between function and impression, staging the optical properties of light and its sensual experience with large format colored light fields